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"This new study by the Public Health Institute puts to rest any doubts about the depth and breadth of California parents' support for sensible and effective sex education. We now clearly see how robust this support is regardless of location, religion, education, race, political ideology, and other factors." -- California Assembly Member Julia Brownley (D-Woodland Hills) about "Sex Education: The Parent's Perspective"


3/17/15 How and When Should Sex Ed Be Taught: KCPP inteview

10/14/14 - CA Sexuality Education Standards Analysis Tool

6/14/13 - Issues in Intervention Effectiveness Research

5/24/12 - Anti-Sex Ed Curriculum Makes the List: Don't Blame Obama, Blame the System

5/22/12 - Issues in Intervention Effectivness Research

10/21/11 - Interview with Association of Planned Parenthood Leaders in Education

6/14/11 - Goldfarb & Constantine, Sexuality Education preprint

12/8/10 - Ford Foundation award for adolescent sexuality, health, and rights research program


JYA article on parent-adolescent communication about sex

Review of Free to Be abstinence-only curriculum

Converging evidence: Sex ed in the U.S. (JAH editorial)

CRAHD report leads to CBS-5 sex ed investigation

CRAHD testimony to Assembly Health Committee special hearing on STDs

PSRH article on California parent preferences on sex education

CJHP article on STIs among California youth

JAH article on Parent views on HPV vaccination

Review of Kristin Luker's When Sex Goes to School

Appraising evidence on program effectiveness

Do virginity pledges cause virginity?

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy Scarlet Letter ads

Position papers on sex education

California Comprehensive Sexual Health and HIV Prevention Education Act (SB71)

"Californians should be proud to lead the nation in reducing the rate of unintended teen births. This study demonstrates the significant benefits of addressing this issue in a comprehensive manner, as well as the need for policy makers to continue providing strong leadership in addressing the problem." --State Senator Denise Moreno Ducheny (D-San Diego), about NTFC Teen Births in California 2006 spring update

No Time for Complacency
Policy Reviews and Data Updates

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Sex Education: The Parent's Perspective (May, 2007)

Parent Support for HPV Vaccination (December, 2006)

Teen Births in California (May, 2006 update)

No Time for Complacency: Teen Births in California 2003 (original 2003 reports and materials)

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Other Resources (HPV vaccination)